Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

WordPress Auto-Updating Hosting: $35/month
Other hosting, or non auto-updating hosting: $25/month
Email hosting: $15/month (this is not per address, this is total cost)
SSL Certificate: $75/year
Custom Programming: $85/hour

What’s the risk? Where is the fine print?

There is no fine-print – this is as fine as it gets! In all honesty, we have made great efforts to remove all of the risk for you. We transfer your site to our servers for free, and we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied, forever, or we refund your money. Read about our guarantees here

What sort of security do you have on your servers?

We have several layers of firewall protection, both hardware and software based. Along with firewalls, we have locked down all non-essential to WordPress services on our servers. We employ the services of Sucuri Security, they provide another level of malware/hacker protection, along with clean-up services. In addition, our systems constantly monitor your WordPress site for any core or plugin security updates, and we make these updates within hours of their release. And, if after all that your site still gets hacked, then we will fix it, right away, for no extra cost.

What is included with your WordPress hosting?

Anything server related is up to us to handle – it’s part of being your web host! This would include DNS or MX record changes, and email account support if you are hosting emails on our servers.

What about support, is that included?

Yes, any support related to the server is included free of charge. We are always available during business hours, and available after business hours via cell phone for emergencies. Since most of our clients are also businesses that operate during business hours, very little happens outside of those hours.
If you need help using WordPress, or if you want us to make programming changes to your website, we can provide a quote for those services.

How much does email hosting cost?

Most small businesses use Google Mail or Microsoft Mail servers for their businesses, so all we do is make sure emails are directed to the correct location. If you want us to host your email for you, we charge $5 per month for the service.

If we want to host a site on your servers, how much does it cost to have the site moved to your servers?

Migrating a WordPress site to the server and/or setting up a new site on our servers is free. If a site is out of date, we will update it before transferring to our site for free. Extra cost would occur if these updates causes part of your theme or plugins to stop working. There will be a fee if your WordPress site was hacked and needs to be cleaned before moving to our servers.

Are there any extra costs?

There are a few situations where we may need to charge you extra for programming. Before or after being on our servers, if updating the WordPress files causes parts or all of your site to break, then either the site’s programmer can fix it or we will bill you for fixing it.

Why would updating WordPress cause my site to stop working?

Sometimes plugin authors stop updating their plugin, and they become incompatible with newer versions of the core WordPress files. Other times, the way a theme is built can cause conflicts with plugin updates or WordPress updates.

Can I have FTP access to the server?

Yes, we can provide you with FTP access. While we like to minimize FTP access as it limits the risk of something going wrong, FTP access to your files is definitely available.